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Audio Visual Production Stages and Control Rooms

Our facilities are suitable for feature film-makers to shoot scenes that require studios for editing purposes and data storage.

Studio Specs

  • Five control rooms and six studios.
  • All technical equipment run on UPS power with generator backup.
  • Our studios are sound proofed with a DMX conrolled lighting grid and there is optional UPS power available.
  • In house studio LED lights and ChamSys MagicQ lighting control desks.
  • Audio - Yamaha CL range digital mixing desks on a Dante network with Shure wireless microphone system and Sennheiser rifle microphones for boom pole recording. We use Tascam professional Compact Disk players and Yamaha MSP7 audio monitors
  • Control rooms come with Multiview, Blackmagic full high definition screens, Ross Carbonite video mixing desk and Panasonic 16bit full high definition studio cameras.
  • Video recording - Rohde & Schwarz Venice video servers with a SpycerBox for central storage and AJA KiPros for isolation recording.
  • On air graphics - dual channel Ross Expression system
  • Communication - RTS Adan-M digital matrix intercom
Additional Options
  • Computer virtual graphics sets replacing traditional physical sets. Allows the real-time combination of people or other real objects.
  • Telephone Hybrid
  • Teleprompter


Productions at Skyrink